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I got myself here, I can get back out.
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24th-Jul-2010 11:28 am - howdy stranger
boss hank
See, I don't like to talk about diets and shit in real life. It's not a conversation I enjoy. So this journal is a place where I can put down my goals, attempts, slip-backs, achievements, and general blathering about the process of losing some weight and regaining some physical health.

I'm interested in seeing others' journeys, too. Please comment if you want to talk health, food, and how to get the hell up off the couch.

you should know: I tend to cuss. I am fairly poor, so there will be budgetary talk from time to time. My social life mainly concerns live music and the punk scene, so how to deal with beer and bar nights is important to me.
1st-Aug-2008 08:48 am - beer and fish
Well, Wednesday was my beer night, no biggie. My friends and I had fun, I didn't feel guilty, good times.

Then I got up yesterday (day off from work), did some stuff around the house, ate a chicken pita for lunch, and hung out with friends. We all walked to a local oyster bar for dinner. I ate a half dozen on the half shell (steamed - it's not the right season for raw) and a grouper sandwich with tomato. There was offer of beer, but I drank water instead. Frankly, I love ice water. Thank goodness.

So, I ate out twice yesterday (payday!), but went for healthful options both times. My big indulgence was cocktail sauce and some fat free frozen yogurt after lunch.

This weekend should be okay. Tonight I'll just be around my house, so I plan to cook up some chicken and put it on top of salad. Maybe eat some with a tortilla. Tomorrow I want to get up and out, go do something physical, even if it is just to walk the flea market. Then cards and beer Saturday night - my other "no worries" night (though I'm going to bring hummus and stay off the fried snacks). My one real trial is going to be seeing Dark Knight on Sunday - I'm a sucker for movie popcorn. I'm going to try and keep in mind how damn much that shit costs, I think.

It can be done!
30th-Jul-2008 09:10 am - call me Dionne Warwick
Because I did exactly what I thought I was going to do last night.
1. buy groceries
2. make curry sauce
3. walk to Paperback Rack and buy books
4. cook curry chicken and veggies
5. munch out
6. read most of Planet of the Apes

What did I not do? Drink beer or eat fast food. One day down, hundreds to go.
29th-Jul-2008 04:04 pm - temptation
I want to go out drinking tonight. No, more than that. I want to go eat a fat slice of pizza and drink a couple pitchers of beer and people watch.

That is what I want to do.

That is what I am not going to do.

If it is not pouring down rain tonight, I think I will, instead, walk up to the local used bookstore and pick out a few paperbacks. I'll make myself a chicken breast and veggies. Maybe it's a good night for red curry chicken.

Red Curry Chicken ala Hank:
1 small container of plain, fat free yogurt
red curry paste (a bottle will last you forever)
chopped garlic clove
1 tsp honey
soy sauce
1 boneless, skinless chicken breast

1. In a small bowl, mix together the yogurt, garlic, honey, a dash or two of soy sauce, and salt and curry paste to taste.

2. Save back half of the mixture. Put the other half in an airtight container with the chicken breast and allow to sit in the fridge for a little while.

3. Put the chicken breast in a baking dish with the sauce it was sitting in and bake just like you would any chicken. I have to do mine in a pan on top of the stove, because my oven doesn't work. So, if you want, just cook it in the sauce in a pan until brownish on both sides and done clear through.

4. You can serve this over couscous or steamed veggies. Use the sauce you saved back to dress the dish. Delish!
29th-Jul-2008 08:50 am - best laid plans
boss hank
Plan sort of accomplished. I had a good chicken pita with veggies, no fries, some hummus. And some frozen yogurt for dessert with orange slices. But my friend brought over bbq leftovers for me to try, and I had a few bites. Honestly? Not very good - luckily, they were from a place I'm not wild about. And when she left, I made her take the rest with her, because I know how much I like to munch late in the evening.

I sort of feel like, if I go to bed a little hungry that's a good thing. If I go to sleep full, I'm eating too much too close to bedtime.
28th-Jul-2008 04:38 pm - going out with a friend
I'm going out for dinner tonight with a friend. Said friend suggested bbq or Chinese buffet. Oh, hell no. I mean, those are about as unhealthy as I can imagine right now. So, I suggested the local pita joint. A chicken pita or some hummus - delicious, not too bad for me, not too heavy on my belly. I can be social and not gorge myself.
28th-Jul-2008 12:47 pm - weekend update
light beer
Some healthy, some not so healthy. Two shows this weekend, so I expected to drink heavily twice. Turned out that it was just too hot and I didn't feel like tipping them back last night, so the empty beer calorie consumption was cut in half and confined to one night. Hey, I'll count that as a victory. I also spent most of the weekend on my feet, at shows or at the flea market or just walking in my neighborhood. So, victory number two. Now, I ate sort of silly things - a fat omelette, Mexican food - as I played tour guide for an our of town friend, but I kept it to meals and did not snack. And I feel okay about that as long as it does not become an excuse and habit.

You know what? It can be done.
25th-Jul-2008 10:38 am - motion matters
lake ella
last night was my mom's birthday, so we all went out to eat. I wanted the fried chicken and mashed potatoes, but instead I got grilled grouper with a green bean/sweet potato curry, and it was delicious. More importantly, in my mind, I walked to the restaurant and back. It's less than a mile from my house and seemed wrong in several ways to drive.

Then a friend stopped by and offered me some beer, but I turned it down.

Now, if I can just do pretty much this every day for a month, I'll bet I start to see some changes.

- 48 in pants
- 4X in shirts
24th-Jul-2008 02:51 pm - too social for my own good
light beer
A major part of my problem:
- Wednesday night, trivia and beer at the bar, with various fried foods passed around the table
- Thursday night, often called by friends for beer to celebrate "Thirsty Thursday"
- Friday night, you get the idea
- Saturday night, odds are good I'm at a show and drinking beer

Basically, beer plays a major part in my social life. It also plays a major part in my belly drooping over my belt buckle. I don't actually want to give up drinking, but I need to give up most of it. I'm going to try keeping it to nights I go out for a reason - shows and trivia - and not just random happy hour get togethers and so on.
24th-Jul-2008 12:35 pm - and so it goes
boss hank
My boss just handed me a paper bag containing a fried apple pie that came with her lunch. She knows I like them - I mean, who doesn't like a fried fruit pie? So I thanked her nicely, and that shit is about to go in the trash. Which feels wasteful as hell, but that's a problem I need to learn to get over. I did not pay for the pie. It was a gift. Eating the pie now will not reduce my food budget later. Put the pie in the trash!
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